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Information for Ride Leaders

Ride Leader's Guide
What you need to know about leading a RBC ride.
This is the new 2017 edition.

2017 Ride Leaders Meeting Presentation

Ride Log Sign-up Sheet
Leading a ride? You will need this
     Return completed ride logs to:
          Brad Jensen
          62 S Estate Dr.
          Webster, NY 14580
Be a hero and print out an extra copy of the ride log to stick in your glove compartment in case the ride leader doesn't show up.

Need a substitute ride leader?
If you can't lead a ride you signed up for you need to find a substitute ride leader. 

Your best bet is to check with your riding friends.

You could also post a message on the Meet-up ride event, the website Ride forum, or Fast Friends.

New Substitute Ride leader List
This is new for 2014 and still a work in progress.
Click the link to access the Google Doc spreadsheet.
Add your contact info and preferences for leading rides.

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